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Driving the low-carbon economy: Dr Jane Sargison Womens Agenda: 06/03/2013

Dr Jane Sargison, clean tech engineer drives innovation Crikey: 04/03/2013

RDAF process for RDA Northern Rivers’ biochar project
Regional Development Australia site: 05/12/2012

Biochar trial results The Northern Rivers Echo Online: 24/05/2012

Farmers Look to Embrace Clean Energy Future The Poultry Site: 15/02/2012

Worldwide audience for Portland's organic charcoal research The Warrnambool Standard: 22/09/2011

Portland biochar ideas aired in Japan The 16/09/2011

Australian Opposition Promoting Biochar Solar Power Adelaide: 24/08/2011

Q & A: Australia's planned market for CO2 offsets from farms Reuters: 22/08/2011

Australia Passes CO2 offset laws, carbon pricing next Reuters: 22/08/2011

Biochar investigated for increasing soil biota Tellisha Dunlop, Science Network Western Australia: 28/07/2011

Biomass Burning...the better plan Dr Frank Nicklason, The Tasmanian Times: 20/07/2011

Farmers to reap rewards from $429m ploughed into research Lauren Wilson, The Australian: 11/07/2011

Biodiversity funding and farmers' fuel excluded from carbon tax ABC Rural: 10/07/2011

Rural Australians supported under a carbon price Joint media release - The Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet, the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Senator Joe Ludwig, the Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Mark Dreyfus QC MP: 10/07/2011

Research Uncovers New Biochar Findings The Farm Trader: 4/07/2011

Can Biochar Save the Planet? The Conversation: 18/05/2011

ABC's The Science Show covers DPI NSW's biochar research: 23/04/2011

Research looks at impact of biochar on water efficiency The Land: 16/04/2011

Gardening and Farming with Biochar Prevents Toxic Emissions from Soil Glen Meyers, Green Building Elements: 15/04/2011

Tweed 'ideal' for biochar project Murray Simpson, Tweed Echo: 31/03/2011

Scientist pushes biochar benefits Kirsty Noffke, Tweed Daily News: 26/03/2011

Coffee plantation gets results from biochar ABC Rural: 29/03/2011

Charcoal-powered growth for nursery Alex Weaver, The Warrnambool Standard: 17/03/2011

Treasure from Trash? Bernadette York, Agriculture Today: March 2011

Waste deal 'offers' farm options Miranda Kenny, Stock Journal: 24/02/2011

Biochar trials move from plot to paddock Kim Honan, ABC Mid North and North Coast Rural Report: 24/02/2011

Biochar trials food for thought Andy Parks, Northern Rivers Echo: 24/02/2011

Biochar - agricultural black gold NSW Department of Primary Industries: 15/02/2011

Research digs deeper in biochar's benefits ABC Rural: 11/02/2011

AgricharTM trials in Burdekin Shire: 11/01/2011

The Power of Sewage The Warrnambool Standard: 17/12/2010

National Wood Conference to Focus on Bioenergy Scoop News NZ: 17/12/2010

Council Pushing Pet Projects The Northern Star: 27/11/2010

Urban farming starts at home Liina Flynn, The Northern Rivers Echo: 21/10/2010

Growing eco movement Terra Sword, The Northern Rivers Echo: 7/10/2010

Council prepares for green waste
Ballina Shire Advocate: 5/10/2010

New beat at Henty field days  Mark Saunders, Weekly Times: 04/08/2010

Is biochar the answer for ag? The American Society of Agronomy: 03/08/2010

Biochar use  Tim Marshall, ABC Rural: 02/08/2010

Biochar Reduces Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Soil by Three Quarters: Study
 Matthew McDermott, via Treehugger: 02/08/2010

Massey lecture series to begin with talk on charcoal Massey University, via Wellington Scoop: 30/07/2010

Saving the bush  Tim Flannery, Sydney Morning Herald: 28/07/2010

Scientists on cutting edge   Mel Mcmillan, Northern Star: 26/07/2010

Tasmania needs biochar Dr Frank Nicklason, Mercury/Tasmanian Times: 07/07/2010

Where's the carbon? You're standing on it Anthony Doesburg, NZ Herald: 12/07/2010

Biochar ball starts rolling in Tasmania Anna Vidot, ABC Rural Tasmania: 29/06/2010

Wannon Water gets biochar funding : 19/05/2010

Fire creates wonderstuff Alex Easton, Northern Star: 18/01/09

Minister praises biochar trials Andy Parks, The Northern Rivers Echo: 21/01/09

Carbon scheme 'in the bag' Josh Gordon, The Age: 15/11/09

Chemical Engineer Joins Biochar Centre  Massey University Staff Press Release, Scoop: 12/11/09

The future of biochar - Project Rainbow Bee Eater Syd Shea Peter Burges & Ian Stanley, Science Alert: 2/11/09

Biochar could bring benefits Bonnie Puckridge, Port Lincoln Times: 20/10/09

Biochar study holds water Kim Woods, The Weekly Times: 11/09/2009

Single-desk carbon trade 'could earn billions' Tom Arup, Environment Correspondent, Sydney Morning Herald: 31/07/09

CMA Gets $1.5 million for Biochar Trial ABC Ballarat: 21/07/09

Agriculture's carbon fate David Leyonhjelm, Business Spectator: 03/06/09

Forestry in need of a level playing field NZ Forest Owners Association, Scoop Business: 02/06/09

Australian agriculture — a carbon-neutral future?  Renfrey Clarke, Green Left Online: 31/05/09

Burn, bury and bargain with it: biochar ticks the green boxes Paddy Manning, Sydney Morning Herald: 30/05/09

A charcoal solution to the carbon challenge Simon Grose, TCE Today: 28/05/09

Char Grilled Bronwyn Herbert, Landline TV segment: 24/05/09

Biochar receives a $1.4-million funding boost from Govt Bronwyn Herbert, Radio National: 21/05/09

What is biochar? ABC Science: Ask an Expert

Biochar: transforming waste into renewable energy Yass Tribune: 13/03/09

Australia agency calls for more biochar research Ryan C. Christiansen, Biomass Magazine: 12/03/09
Carbon hopes push case for charcoal Jill Rowbotham, The Australian: 11/03/09

Study finds Tassie biochar could absorb carbon ABC Rural: 11/03/2009

Biochar – a win win for jobs, agriculture and the environment John Pratt: 11/03/09

Carbon firm sends test samples Kaikoura Star, The Marlborough Express: 11/03/09

Include biochar in ETS, urges top scientist Carbon News: 06/03/09

Garnaut dismisses calls for delay Tom Arup, The Age: 04/03/09

DPI steps up carbon sequestration The Land: 17/02/2009

Biochar – untested and unproven – or political football? Adriana Downie, AAP MediaNet: 3/02/2009

A United Scientific Voice on Biochar.  AAP MediaNet: 2/02/2009

Tony Burke - interviewed by Ashleigh Gillon.  Sky News: 30/01/2009

Why biochar?  Matt Cawood, Queensland Country Life: 29/01/2009

Turnbull turns up the heat.  Keith Orchison, Business Spectator: 28/01/2009

Opposition throws its support behind biochar.  Inside Waste Weekly: 27/01/2009

Opposition supports Biochar research.  Video from The 7:30 Report: 26/01/2009

'More research needed' on charcoal carbon storage plan.  ABC News:  26/01/2009

Biochar potential overlooked.  Weekly Times Now: 26/01/2009

Joint Doorstop with Malcolm Turnbull - Biochar Announcement, Newcastle Transcript of the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP: 21/01/2009

One last chance to save mankind.  James Lovelock, New Scientist: 23/1/2009

Amazonians’ black magic has multiple benefits.  Evelyn Krull, Science Alert: 19/01/2009

Discovery Science reveals Australian Technology as BEST carbon outcome

for waste.  BEST Energies: 01/01/2009  

Ecopolis: Black Gold.  (Video from Discovery Science on Youtube): 2009  (Link to Discovery  Science Ecopolis page)

A perfect green solution - in theory.  Brian Toohey, The Australian Financial Review: 30/12/2008

Flannery says farming's the answer to carbon.  Mat Cawood, Stock and Land:  07/11/2008

Waste Not, Want Not.  Wendy Laursen, BBI Bioenery Australasia: 10/2008

Australia: new positive biochar results, concepts on political agenda.  Biopact: 03/09/2008

Biochar revolution to benefit climate and agriculture.  NSW DPI: 02/09/2008

Magic biochar: recycles, fertilises and sequesters.  Rebecca Lines-Kelly, Agriculture Today: 09/2008

Bio-char development conditionally supported.  ABC News: 16/07/2008

Surprise: less oxygen could be just the trick. Richard Macey, The Sydney Morning Herald: 12/06/2008

Organic Waste as Fuel.  Video from CNN: 11/5/2008

Lukas Van Zwieten -  More Carbon for Soils More Carbon for Crops - Carbon Negative Farming with Bio Char. Beyond Zero Emissions: 30/03/2008

Australian of the Year 2007, Tim Flannery talks bio char and why we need to move into the renewable age.  Beyond Zero Emissions: 19/03/2008

Adriana Downie talks about Best Energies pyrolysis gasifier and making bio char (Terra Preta). Beyond Zero Emissions: 06/03/2008

The pay dirt of El Dorado.  Ron Wainberg and Adriana Downie, Waste Management and Environment: 2008

Australian carbon sequestration technology on display in Bali.  Sustainability Matters: 11/12/07

A solution to global warming. ABC Catalyst program: 23/08/07


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